Udderly Smart Studio Management

Just like in yoga, how all layers of the being are acknowledged, CowTinker addresses all aspects of your studio business. We are a team of studio owners who live and breathe the cash and time crunch, so we have designed a cost-effective empowering platform.

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Yoga Studio Owners
Turned Software Developers

Our software encompasses all aspects of running a studio because that was what we have experience doing. Flexibility is key – but not in yoga – only in the software. If there’s something you wished your current software could accommodate, there’s a good chance we’ve already thought of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

our features

Mindfully Designed

We have the features to support your growing business. Our features are always evolving to keep up with current trends in the industry. Whether you’re a hybrid studio, all online or a large enterprise with multiple locations, we have all the tools to help you grow and thrive.

Student and Teacher Apps

Electronic Waivers

Smart Reports

Student Rewards

Built-in Payroll

Automated Sub Requests


We love watching our herd grow.


CowTinker was able to load all our students records and class history dating back 15 years! The staff was fully present and attentive during the onboarding process. They walked us through every step. This made the transition so much easier.

โ€” Kathy Donnelly      Owner/Director, Yoga Center of Columbia

I switched over to Cowtinker from my previous booking software last year and I am so glad I did! No system is perfect, but with Cowtinker all the functions I need to run my studio effectively-- scheduling, payments, client services, etc, are easy and intuitive. Particularly the sub request function cuts down on a lot of time we used to spend trying to find teachers to substitute for one another; with Cowtinker it's one click to send the request and one click to approve it, and I can spend my time doing other things! I love that it's tailored particularly for yoga studios.

โ€” Emily Cawley Feldman      Owner, Bonfire Hot Yoga

CowTinker offers a robust system that meets our studio's needs in ways that we never could have imagined. When we made the switch in 2020, we were able to automate so much of what had to be done manually with our old studio software system. We love the personal service we get and having a responsive team that has been willing and able to make many system adjustments based on our feedback and requests.

โ€” Anne Kennedy      Executive Director, Circle Yoga Cooperative
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