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For Studio Management

Has the cost of your Studio Management Software increased unreasonably? We’ve been tinkering away, and have the ultimate solution to run all facets of your well-being enterprise.


CowTinker was born from very humble origins, created to run a single yoga studio – OUR yoga studio (Cowface – hence the ‘Cow’). The goal was to simply manage all phases of our yoga studio with efficiency and automation so we could return to what we actually wanted to do: practice yoga! We didn’t realize the same frustrations we faced and the same inefficiencies from other solutions were also felt by our fellow studio owners. Naturally, we assumed *we* were the oddballs! We never intended to serve any other studios, but as interest grew, we took the next steps to share our solution. The first cow to join our herd was Beloved Yoga in Reston, VA. After months and months of tinkering (hence the ‘Tinker’), CowTinker was born. Our herd is growing; we would love for you to join us! 

Mindfully designed – so it is powerful and user-friendly!

  • Save Time - scheduling and process automation
  • Save Money - one solution, replaces multiple systems
  • Eliminate Redundancies - paperless and mobile vs. manual
  • Promote Community - owners, teachers and students in one platform, using all of their devices
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